Time to Clear the Clutter – Self Storage

If your personal ambitions for this year involve having more time to focus on the things you enjoy, then you need to implement plans that will help you succeed.

There is one way in which we can become more efficient at decision making, finding things and getting jobs done. These three activities alone could save you sufficient time to indulge a more meaningful passion. If this sounds appealing, it is time for a thorough sort through your belongings.

Over the years we all accumulate vast quantities of stuff. We fill our spare rooms, garages, attics and drawers with things. Many items haven’t been used in years. With a home full of clutter, it is easy to lose sight of the things of real value. It is also harder to locate useful items when they are needed.

Our memories of endless summers of fun might be sparked by certain outfits, music or books, but do we really need to hold onto these items for the rest of our years? We may have invested in a super gadget or a weekend project, but if it still hasn’t made it out of the box, then we could do without it.

Time For Action

A good clear out is therapeutic. It takes time and may be emotional, but with the right mind-set, you can make an enormous difference. Only try you tackle one room at a time, or the whole process can be overwhelming.

A good place to start is to form four piles; Very Important, Quite Important, Time to Let Go and Bin.

  • Very important are items that you regularly use and need access to. They may also be items with huge sentimental or financial value. These are your priority; the ‘must keep’ items that you’re not going to part with.
  • Quite important items may only be used a few times a year, but they are useful. They don’t need to be close at hand, but they are staying. These could include the BBQ, Christmas tree, camping gear and tools.
  • Time to Let Go items are the things that could now be worth a lot more to someone else. These are the items that are still in their box, the clothes that haven’t been worn for years, the toys that your children have long grown out of and the ‘good idea at the time’ items. These items can be bagged up and donated to your local charity shop.
  • The remaining items can simply fill the bin, or a trip to the dump may be necessary if you are really going for it!

If you can clear out the ‘Bin’ and ‘Time to Let Go’ items, you will have made a significant step in the right direction. If space is still limited, then you might consider where you could store those quite important items. Self-storage facilities provide units in a variety of sizes. These are clean, dry and secure places where your belongings will be safe.

With 24 hour access, you can drop off other bits and collect the things you want at your convenience. If you would like to find out more about self-storage, Oxford based Barretts can help, have a look through our website, starting at the Home Page.

With a decluttered home, you should have space to move around easily and less items to clean. You should find things more easily and have a great sense of achievement. What a great start to the year!