Offsite containers

If you need additional storage space at your home or business location, talk to us about our convenient off-site sales or hire service.

We rent out our steel containers for you to use on your own premises.  The site needs to be level to accommodate the container and the approach needs to be free of tree branches and low overhead cables.

Alternatively, you may purchase a new container from us.  Contact us today either via email or telephone on 01865 891406 for the latest rates and information.  They provide a safe and secure method of storing your goods outside.

A sample of some of the storage uses for these containers:

  • Household furniture when the builders/decorators are in
  • Building materials for an extension
  • Garden tools
  • Excess stock when running a business from home
  • Animal feeds
Standard External Container Dimensions
Container Length 8ft 10ft 20ft 30ft 40ft
Container Width 7ft 1ins 8ft 8ft 8ft 8ft
Container Height:
Standard 7ft 5ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins 8ft 6ins
High Cube 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins 9ft 6ins
Standard Internal Container Dimensions
Internal Length 7ft 6ins 9ft 2ins 19ft 3ins 29ft 4ins 39ft 4ins
Internal Width 6ft 11ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins 7ft 7ins
Internal Height:
Standard 6ft 8ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins 7ft 9ins
High Cube 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins 8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width 6ft 10ins as req. 7ft 6ins 7ft 6ins 7ft 6ins
End Door Aperture Height:
Standard 6ft 4ins as req. 7ft 5ins 7ft 5ins 7ft 5ins
High Cube as req. 8ft 5ins 8ft 5ins 8ft 5ins
Floor Area 51sq ft 72sq ft 150sq ft 227sq ft 305sq ft
Cubic Capacity:
Standard 348cu ft 560cu ft 1160cu ft 1760cu ft 2360cu ft
High Cube 630cu ft 1310cu ft 1985cu ft 2660cu ft
Weight 1 tons 1.5 tons 2.4 tons 3.2 tons 4 tons